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Rising Black Metal Stars Asagraum Release Single off Upcoming Album “Dawn of Infinite Fire”

Dutch atmospheric black metal band Asagraum are on the rise in the international black metal scene. “They Crawl from the Broken Circle” is the latest track off their upcoming sophomore release, “Dawn of Infinite Fire”.

Asagraum is the project of Dutch lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Obscura. After their releasing their 2017 debut “Potestas Magicum Diaboli,” Asagraum have continuously grown their audience with festival gigs and even an international tour. Their old-school black metal style, combined with psychedelic influences from Icelandic black metal, make for a striking visual and aural experience.

Obscura’s project has attracted other notable talent in the metal world. Former drummer Trish Kolsvart and current drummer Amber de Buijzer both played in Sisters of Suffocation. Among the band’s live performers is former Sirenia vocalist-turned-bassist Henriette Bordvik, under the stage name Makhashanah.

The band announced the newest track in a Facebook post this week. If you haven’t checked out these black metal goddesses and their spooky sound, here is “They Crawl from the Broken Circle”:

Label Edged Circle Productions have set the full release for September 13th (Edged Circle, by the way, is owned by ex-Immortal and Necrophagia bassist Iscariah). There’s also a launch party scheduled for October 26th in London, for those souls brave enough to traverse the chasm known as the English Channel. RSVP here, and keep up with the band on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can pre-order “Dawn of Infinite Fire” here.

Full tracklist below:

01. They Crawl From The Broken Circle
02. The Lightless Inferno
03. Abomination’s Altar
04. Guahaihoque
05. Dawn Of Infinite Fire
06. Dochters Van De Zwarte Vlam
07. Beyond The Black Vortex
08. Hate Of Satan’s Hammer
09. Waar Ik Ben Komt De Dood