Frozen Crown: New Power Metal with a Classic Sound

Frozen Crown are a power metal quintet hailing from Milan, Italy. Barely two years old, the band have gained a significant following in their short time together. With their catchy melodies and pulse-pumping beats, Frozen Crown are quickly making a name for themselves in the power metal genre.

We’ve been sleeping on this one, guys. Frozen Crown have been around for two years, but somehow we’re just now getting around to listening! Whether you’re into that classic 80’s sound, folk metal or even death metal, this band will have something for you.

Prominent on vocals is Frozen Crown’s talented lead singer Jade Etro. Federico Mondelli, Etro’s husband and the band’s principal songwriter, provides clean harmonies as well as death-style screams (“I Am the Tyrant“). He can also be seen on the guitar and keyboards, depending on the occasion.

Also noteworthy are the considerable skills of lead guitarist Thalìa Bellazecca. At only 19 years old, this young lefty is blowing us away with her skillful fingering. Check out the entire ensemble below:

“Crowned in Frost,” the band’s sophomore album, was released March 22nd of this year. Vinyl, CDs and other merch are also available via their online store. They have two remaining gigs this summer, so be sure to catch them live at Sabaton Open Air in Sweden August 17th and Milagre Metalieros in Portugal August 24th. This fall they will return to Spain and Atalaya Rock Festival (dates TBA). Keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram for the latest!

Source: Frozen Crown Facebook