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Visions of Atlantis – Nothing Lasts Forever (Official Music Video)

One week before the release of “Wanderers”, Visions of Atlantis drop a new song with a music video called “Nothing Lasts Forever” which is the third single off their upcoming full length album. Watch the video below.

The band commented:
“This is by far the richest and most emotional video VOA has ever released. It perfectly vehicles the universal message of the song “Nothing Lasts Forever” which is about living the moment and cherishing the present with our loved ones, before they go… We shot this video in the beautiful Styria in Austria, with nature and the very old castle “Rothenfels” as environments, to convey the timeless aspect of our message. Despite the sad connotation of the song theme, this video isn’t dark for a metal band video, as we do believe the overall message to be positive and that it will touch music lovers of all genres and ages.”