Eluveitie announces a live album: “Live At Masters Of Rock”

Chrigel Glanzmann and his nine piece Celtic metal band are simply unable to rest. Earlier this year the Swiss folk metal outfit released their eighth studio album “Ategnatos” (Gaulish for reborn) but now they announced their second live album, which was recorded at Masters of Rock 2019.

Eluveitie are a phenomenon that has been spreading over the world for over 15 years. Starting with their legendary debut album “Spirit”, across the outstanding “Slania” to the band’s latest masterpiece “Ategnatos”, the Helvetii have developed a groundbreaking recipe.
The hit density of their band history is proven at live shows particularly. This will be caught on record once more in 2019. Eluveitie unleash “Live At Masters Of Rock” from in the thick of their ongoing Ategnatos World Tour cycle, which contains many songs from their new LP. The live album will be released on November 1, 2019. “Live at Masters Of Rock” will be available for pre-orders on September 13rd, 2019.


01. Ategnatos
02. King
03. The Call Of The Mountains
04. Deathwalker
05. Worship
06. Artio
07. Epona
08. A Rose For Epona
09. Thousandfold
10. Ambiramus
11. Drumsolo
12. Havoc
13. Breathe
14. Helvetios
15. Rebirth
16. Inis Mona