Break Me Down announces new album: “The Pond”

Italian alternative metallers have just announced their first full-length album “The Pond”, which will be released on October 17, 2019.

Break Me Down is an Italian alternative metal band from Milan, formed in 2017. Following the release of their debut EP in 2018 and the departure of their lead vocalist Faith Blurry, Break Me Down teamed up with singer, songwriter and fashion stylist Irene Franco earlier this year. Now – after many shows all over their country even with Lacuna Coil and Vinnie Moore – the Milan based metal outfit announced their very first full-length album, called “The Pond”.

unnamed (2)


1. Your Game
2. If You’re Brave
3. The Noose
4. Nightmare
5. Just Tonight
6. O.C.D.
7. New Hero
8. Goodbye
9. Look @ Me
10. Let It Burn
11. The Pond