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Life Of Agony – Lay Down (Music Video)

American metal band Life of Agony unveiled a music video for “Lay Down” off their upcoming album. After the hit single “Scars”, “Lay Down” is the second single off “The Sound of Scars” album due out October 11th via Napalm Records. Find the video below.

Bassist Alan Robert says: “It’s an anthem for survivors. We’ve all been through situations in our lives where everything seems completely hopeless. “Lay Down” is about believing in yourself when no one else will. Times when you really have to dig down deep to find that that last ounce of strength to keep on going.”  

The video for “Lay Down” was shot at an actual haunted mansion in Fieldsboro, New Jersey. The White Hill Manson was built over 250 years ago on top of a Native American settlement. It got through the revolutionary war undamaged and was visited by many paranormal researchers over the past years. Also, the White Hill Mansion was featured in the television series “Paranormal Lockdown”.

“You could absolutely feel the spirits in those rooms,” Alan continues. “Especially in the basement where we heard that a murder took place.”

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