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Floor Jansen announces a solo tour

Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen (Nightwish, Northward, ex-ReVamp, ex-After Forever) announces the first solo tour ever! She’ll be playing a couple of specials shows all over her homeland early next year. See details below.

“After countless requests, I can now proudly announce 6 shows of my own that I will do in January 2020!!!” surprised the vocalist fans on her social media today. “No big arena’s and fireworks but a more intimate setting in which I will perform the songs you know from the tv show, live. Next to this, I will take you on a journey through my musical history,” she continued. “I am happy to do all this with the fantastic Marcel Fisser Band. They make every song sound fantastic and they have proven again and again they can play basically anything and this on an outstanding level.”


Jansen has been recently participating in a Dutch music TV show “Beste Zangers” and started working on an upcoming Nightwish album. The band has already shot a music video for the first single off the album. “I’m in Helsinki with Nightwish to make a music video for our upcoming new album!” reported Floor earlier this week. “It’s unlike anything we have ever done before and I am enjoying the process of making this very much! It’s really something else! And I really can’t say anything more…I know…I’m sorry!” Nightwish’s ninth studio album is coming in 2020. Stay tuned!

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