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Live review: Female Metal Voices Tour – Erfurt, Germany (December 4, 2019)

Ever since I have started going to concerts I always tried to exchange some words with the musicians after the show. The only condition that needed to be fulfilled was that they’d come out after the show to connect with their fans. But Female Metal Voices Tour 2019 on December 4th wasn’t going to be just another show where I would try to catch artists after their performance. I had an appointment with no other person than Emmanuelle Zoldan, lead vocalist of Sirenia, but I wasn’t too nervous when I drove to Erfurt, Germany, to see this amazing tour at the club „From Hell“. The bands that I was about to see were (in order of appearance): Kassogtha (melodic death metal band from Switzerland). Lost in Grey (symphonic metal band from Finland), Forever Still (alternative metal band from Denmark), Sirenia (multinational symphonic/gothic metal band based in Norway), and headliners Leaves‘ Eyes (multinational symphonic metal band based in Germany).

As I mentioned earlier, it all started with a very nice chat with Emmanuelle in their tour bus. After we were done, we went back to the club and although the interview didn’t take too long, the first band Kassogtha just finished their first song as I entered the room. The number of spectators was pretty small. I guess we were about 20 or 30 people at the beginning. Really a pity as this lineup turned out to be simply awesome. Luckily, the number of spectators increased a bit as more time passed by. The five songs they played went by in a blink of an eye. And as I prepared myself to wait for the next band while the stage was being refitted, the band members of Kassogtha already came out to their merch table. I just thought „What a pity they are already done.“ as the time was running and the next band was waiting to get started.


1) Kassogtha (The Call), 2) The Greatest Fall, 3) Welcome to the Machine, 4) Pale Horizon, 5) Born.

Next up was Lost in Grey. Their setlist included also only 5 songs. The slightly and slowly growing audience was really getting into it and with each song, the atmosphere was getting better. That was, at least, my impression. And as I learned by the end of the evening, each band that had finished their set and returned to the backstage, praised the enthusiastic audience. Again, the band members appeared at the merch just after they packed their equipment, and again, they turned out to be really nice and down to earth people like Kassogtha members.


1) Revelation, 2) The Wasteland, 3) Wolves Among Men, 4) Dark Skies, 5) Far Beyond And Further

The next band to perform was Forever Still. I have listened to one or two songs from them prior to my trip to Erfurt but still had little clue what was waiting for me. While the first two bands could be compared to a storm raging on stage, we soon entered the hurricane zone, because that’s what Forever Still unleashed on stage with their set presenting older and new songs off their latest album “Breathe In Colours”.


1) Fight, 2) Awake the Fire, 3) Scars, 4) Say Your Goodbyes, 5) Is It Gone?, 6) Breathe in Colours, 7) Do Your Worst, 8) Survive, 9) Miss Madness, 10) Rewind

After Forever Still, it was Sirenia’s turn to prepare the stage for their performance. I wished a happy birthday to Mortel Veland on his way to the stage and exchanged a warm smile with Emma as she passed me by. Again a really nice warm-hearted person. It was a pleasure to talk to her and it was even more of a pleasure to see Sirenia performing live. After a short intro, the set started with “In Styx Embrace”, followed by a good mixture of old and new songs including “Into The Night”, “My Mind’s Eye” and “The Path To Decay”. I really had a brief moment of getting goosebumps during their performance. The biggest compliment I can give.


1) In Styx Embrace 2) Dim Days Of Dolor, 3) Treasure n‘ Treason, 4) Queen of Lies, 5) The Twilight Hour, 6) Into The Night 7) Meridian, 8) My Mind’s Eye, 9) The Other Side, 10) The Path To Decay

Last but not least, there was Leaves‘ Eyes. After a short intro, they kicked off with “Sign of the Dragonhead” and continued with newer tracks “Serkland” and “Across the Sea”. Of course, they couldn’t skip hits like “My Destiny” or “Hell To The Heavens” before finishing their intense set with the epic piece “Blazing Waters”. I do not remember much detail, but I remember that the crowd was really on fire. It was obvious that the band had fun playing and we all enjoyed the show.


1) Sign Of The Dragonhead, 2) Serkland, 3)Across the Sea, 4) My Destiny, 5) Swords in Rock, 6) Black Butterfly, 7) Riders of the Wind, 8) Edge of Steel, 9) Hell to the Heavens, 10) Night of the Ravens, 11) Beowulf, 12) Blazing Waters, 13) Outro – Haraldskvaedi

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. And when I get the chance to see one of these 5 bands again, you can place a bid that I will be there.

  • Written by Ralf Hartung

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