Listen to Vicky Psarakis’ new Epica cover

The Agonist vocalist Vicky Psarakis has covered yet another Epica song. Following her piano/vocal take on “Tides Of Time” from 2012, she now posted a vocal cover of “Edge Of The Blade”. You can listen to both below.

“Edge Of The Blade” is originally taken from Epica’s latest studio album “The Holographic Principle” released in 2016. The two bands have shared the stage several times, most recently all over North America back in 2016 as part of “The North American Principle Tour”.

Vicky comments: “When we were on tour with Epica in 2016, they would kick off their set with this song. Everyone in The Agonist would sing along to the chorus and it kept playing in my head long after the tour was done. So I figured, if I’m gonna do an Epica cover… this should be the one!”

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