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Within Temptation – Entertain You (Music Video)

Within Temptation present a music video for their new single “Entertain You”. Watch it below.

With the new single, the band continues to develop their “Resist” sound and brings even fresher elements to the table. Next to releasing the song completely independently, “Entertain You” also features male vocals by producer Daniel Gibson who’s been working with the band since their 2004’s album “The Silent Force”. As originally planned, The Dutch band intended to release a new single to hype up their co-headline “Worlds Collide tour” with Evanescence, which is now postponed due to the corona outbreak.

Vocalist Sharon den Adel on the song’s meaning for Dutch magazine Parool: [It’s] “about people not being born to entertain you. We seem to find it increasingly normal that you film or photograph the people around you at any given moment. There are countless videos on the internet of people who did not realize that they were being recorded and which we all laugh at. That is something that we as a society can really think about.”

On the other hand, “the song is also about the freedom to express yourself in any way. When we are on stage, we do it because we want to play our music. There may be an entertainment content, but that is a side issue for us. The song is about all those situations where you could scream at someone that you are not there for their pleasure.”



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