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The Tex Avery Syndrome – All Is Not Lost (Music Video)

German-based modern metal/hardcore group The Tex Avery Syndrom unveils a music video for “All Is Not Lost”. Watch it below.

The Frankfurt-based five-piece surrounding power-frontlady Laura Gierl have borrowed their band name from the legendary American cartoonist Tex Avery.  In terms of music, the band is hurtling down the highway between modern metal and hardcore in an open convertible on the fast lane, picking up some classic rock influences here and there as they go. In 2015, the band debuted with an EP titled “Wolfcity”, followed by a full-length album four years later.

Today, the band unveils a music video for “All Is Not Lost”, single taken from their debut record “Origin” that was released last year in October. The track features Carl Schwartz of First Blood on guest vocals and the video was shot during lockdown under special circumstances.

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