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Chaos Rising – when women unite and create art

Digital network has been playing a crucial role in musicians’ lives and careers for a few years now. Social media, streaming platforms, Patreon, live streams, Q&As, live chats, covers, collaborations… Artists do what they can and use cyberspace in many creative ways to entertain their audience.  Especially now, when they are limited to stay in touch with fans through the Internet only, the use of this online communication tool got promoted to another level. Part of this digital world is also Chaos Rising, a phenomenal online project with the most wonderful idea; to unite and create.

So, what exactly is so special about the project and why to love it? Chaos Rising is the name of an online collaborative project created in 2019 by French songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf. It unites female metal artists from all across the globe with a purpose to show and promote their abilities and talent. You can be sure about the uniqueness of this project as the collaborators get involved in a wide spectrum of aspects of the music industry; from playing to recording to album production to promotion and design. Whether you’re a singer, guitarist, drummer, songwriter, lyricist, producer or just interested in graphics and video editing, you are welcome to join the team of currently over twenty collaborators from Europe, UK, Latin America and Asia.

So far, the group of these talented ladies has released five original collaborative songs. However, there’s another four almost finished and about to be released soon, with seven more in the songwriting process. The songs are being born in several teams, according to their style and the leading collaborator’s vision. The collaborators face deadlines, they practice teamwork and rely on the support of more experienced colleagues. After the songwriting and recording process is completely done, songs are advanced to the mixing process, followed by video shooting, editing and, last but not least, the release connected to the promotion. So basically, you go through the entire process of creating a piece of music with a bunch of friends that treat you with respect and help you every step of the way.

Cool, isn’t it? So, if you want to find out more about Chaos Rising, whether from the point of a possible future collaborator or you’re interested in already existing collaborations as a listener, visit project’s Facebook page. Also, stay tuned for an in-depth interview with the founder Stéphanie Nolf and some of the ladies involved in the project.

And in the meantime, enjoy some of the finished collaborative songs:


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