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Spiritbox release new version of “Holy Roller” featuring Ryo Kinoshita

Canadian progressive metallers Spiritbox have joined forces with Crystal Lake’s frontman Ryo Kinoshita for a rendition of their hit single “Holy Roller”. The new version of the track comes with an animated music video, available below.

Holy Roller” was originally released back in July and since then, it became one of the biggest Spiritbox hits and instant fan favourite. The song is taken from Spiritbox’s upcoming debut full-length album, due out 2021. Vocalist Courtney LaPlante comments on the latest single with a rather unusual vibe for the band: “This song was never intended to be a single. We wrote it in January to be an ‘angry’ pallet cleanser on an otherwise dark, moody atmospheric album. Our mission statement was: ‘Let’s make the most ridiculous song that we can.’ When we had the opportunity to tour Europe in March, we decided to put the unfinished song in our set, since we enjoyed it so much. Until our tour was cut short due to the pandemic, it was the highlight of each night.”

Now, Spiritbox presents a remix version of the song featuring Ryo Kinoshita, the frontman of Japanese metalcore band Crystal Lake, following limited edition merchandise collaboration that took place this summer. The band says: “Everything is connected, everything is one. Even though we are all far apart, our love of metal unites us with Crystal Lake . We are constantly inspired by their hard work and dedication to the music they love, and the effortless perfection of their live show. We wanted to do something fun and unique with a band we love.” 

The band also announced a new partnership with Rise Records in association with Pale Chord Records. Courtney LaPlante comments: “We have always dreamed of partnering with a label that embraces our DIY mentality and respects our independence. My belief in what we are doing has never waivered, so I always expected the day would come that I would be asked to compromise something about Spiritbox in exchange for the support that would change our lives. This hypothetical always stressed me out, as I knew I would be letting everyone down by not being able to compromise and we would have to walk away from good opportunities.”

She continues: “What I did NOT expect was for us to have the opportunity to team up with a label that understands immediately what we want to accomplish and how we want to get there. Enter BMG/Rise: It has been surreal getting to know their team, never feeling like we have to be anything other than our authentic selves. They are not some monolithic corporation, but individuals with a passion for music. No pressure to change who we are. They are working with us because they believe in our vision. We can just be Spiritbox, now with the resources and guidance that e have always wanted.”

“We have all been working towards this since we were kids,” says Courtney, “even when people have constantly told us we are stupid, or naive, or too old. I have envisioned this over and over and the feeling of fulfilment it would bring.  But, I never really understood how important the role of you, our listener, would play in this feeling of achievement. Telling you the news feels just as important as telling my family and friends. We are eternally grateful for the time, energy and belief you have invested in us. I want you to be proud of us as we take our band to the next level. We understand more resources come with higher expectations. We will not let you down, I promise! “


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