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Dead Sleep – Wages Of War (Music Video)

Swedish death thrashers Dead Sleep fronted by Anna Wagner release the first single “Wages Of War” off of their upcoming album “Naked Tyrant”. Watch the video below.

With rage and fury Dead Sleep strikes again! The thrash quartet from Malmö, Sweden, are about to release the follow-up album to their highly acclaimed debut album on Denomination Records. The title track “Naked Tyrant” opens the new album and sets the standard for the rest. It´s raw, dirty and full speed ahead. There are no dead moments: Anna is angrier than ever, Marcus and Johan have sharpened their axes and Per beats the hell out of the drums. Prepare for 10 tracks that will blow you away!

Dead Sleep mixes elements from the punk/hardcore scene with genuine heavy metal, creating their own unique style of thrash. Naked Tyrant is an intense punch to the face that leaves no one unruffled. Alongside 8 new tracks, the album includes re-recordings of ‘Welcome to Hell’ and ‘Slaying a Corpse’ from the cult single Aleppo. These updated versions reveal a band that has developed into an unstoppable thrash machine. A four-headed beast, ready to conquer the world.

The album was recorded at The End studios together with long-time collaborator and producer Ulf Blomberg and mastered by one of the band’s personal heroes: Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust. The full-length album “Naked Tyrant”
will be unleashed on the 30th October.

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