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Scarlet Aura share new single “Raw Power”

Romanian heavy metal band Scarlet Aura presents the first single off of their upcoming album. Listen to “Raw Power” below.

Romania’s most reliable heavy metal export, Scarlet Aura, is preparing to release their crushing new record in early 2021 on Universal Music & Silver City Records. The first single “Raw Power” is out on 16.10.2020.

“Raw Power” is the song that sets free from the dungeons of the oblivion of our inner self – the cobra – a symbol for transformation, strength, determination but also for the fear and the gracefullnes that we all need so much to not only stay alive but to prevail and win the fight with society and the rules, with manipulation and obedience. “Raw Power” is getting us one step back to the origins and fills out our veins with the poison of supremacy and of perfection. In a world full of Adams and Eves, be the Snake! Let your ears be flooded and feel the taste of the raw power!

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