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Sombria – Voyage Into Lethe (Music Video)

International dark melancholic metal project Sombria unveils the second single off of their upcoming debut album. It’s titled “Voyage Into Lethe” and it comes with a music video which can be watched below.

Sombria is a dark / melancholic metal project which has been formed by singer/songwriter Dimi De San who comes under the name ‘’Valentina Devin’’ and guitarist/composer “Raven Seven’’. The band has an international line-up featuring members from Norway, Greece and Mexico. Sombria is set to release their debut album “Chirographon Dei” on November 27th 2020 by Inverse Records.

Valentina Devin (Dimi De San) and Raven Seven: “Voyage Into Lethe is a piece that regards to a very desperate and suffocating struggle to release one’s self and emerge into oblivion and freedom after a terrible experience. This is the first song we wrote as Sombria which signifies our entrance into a whole different era as musicians and as individuals. A new blood -stained beginning that a soul can make, leading to a road of infinite possibilities and even uncanny secrets.”

The main purpose of the project apart from featuring music, acting and dancing is aiming to raise awareness -through their music, lyrics and performances- over many sensitive subjects like child poverty, environmental issues, equality etc and also focusing on helping people in need as much as possible. “Chirographon Dei” is Sombria’s debut full-length album consisting of 9 songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by (Raven Seven) in Raven Seven’s studio. It drops on November 27.

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