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Tales Of Evening – Leap Of Faith (Music Video)

Hungarian symphonic metal band Tales Of Evening unveils new single and video “Leap Of Faith”.

Tales Of Evening have released a brand new song and music video, “Leap of Faith”, also recorded in their native language as “Csak én látom”. Taken from their upcoming album, which is expected to be released in 2021, the new song continues the tradition of English language songs started by their 2019 album, “A New Dawn Awaits”. Main songwriter, bandleader and keyboardist Attila Ádám shared his thoughts about the new song, the shooting of the music video and their future plans:

“The base of our new song, “Csak én látom” has been finished for a while now, but we had to delay the release several times due to the pandemic. We definitely wanted to publish “Csak én látom”, because it’s very important for us to always release something between the albums. The feedback for our latest album, “A New Dawn Awaits” has been very positive, and while touring with Rhapsody Of Fire this spring, it’s also been proven that international audiences are quite fond of those songs as well. On that tour we had the chance to share our music live with wonderful people of various countries. English version of the song, “Leap Of Faith” was recorded to make this kind of international interaction possible once again.

As many of us are from Zala county, Hungary, this music video was shot and directed by Balázs Gerócs at the Hevesi Sándor Theatre at Zalaegerszeg, and also in the village where I was born, Tornyiszentmiklós. Although the song is unusually short, it is especially tight and modern in sound. It is thought-provoking and also carries a strong message, hence we hope it gets the attention by fans and radios we think it deserves.

It is also the first song we’ve recorded with our new bass guitarist, Dávid Szegedi, who’s also a student of the Music Studio of Kőbánya.

2021 is Tales Of Evening’s 10th birthday, and we’re working hard to celebrate it with a brand new album. This song is it’s first herald, so we’re positive it will become something truly special.” 

Listen to both versions of the song below:

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