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Walk In Darkness – On The Road To Babylon (Music Video)

Italian gothic metal band Walk In Darkness presents the title track off of their upcoming album “On The Road To Babylon”. Watch the video below.

The song is taken from Walk In Darkness’ third studio album “On The Road To Babylon”, due out November 6.

Shaman commented: “We are at the end of the path of a melancholic and suffering humanity as dehumanization advances fast under a mad creationist push without ethical constraints that impose artificial intelligence and the hybridization of bodies with technologies to overcome humanity and the Gods themselves and to create the posthuman prototype: efficient, perfect and immortal. A new work of engineering like another tower of Babel. The song and video are a hymn to the sublime beauty of humanity that recedes and declines, dramatically mortal and fleeting but unattainable in its immense poetry.”

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