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Song Of Anhubis – Misantropia (Music Video)

Basque’s gothic metallers Song Of Anhubis present the third single off of their brand new album “Reversed Reflection”. Watch the video for “Misantropia” below.

The song is taken from their sophomore album “Reversed Reflection” that dropped on October 23rd, 2020. The band creates a passionate, introspective, intense, and diverse gothic metal that was first introduced to the world on their 2016 debut full length “Revenge As Redemption”. Not quite following in the exact musical footsteps of their precursive album, their second record takes a 180-degree turn as it experiments with electronic elements and sounds more akin to rock and metal along with their staple gothic influences.

Featuring 10 tracks, “Reversed Reflection” is a journey between two opposing worlds, light and darkness, the instinctive, and the rational. Blunt guitars and arpeggios are combined with electronic elements, very melodic passages even melancholic in some cases, with the strength of double bass drumming and simpler fragments with the addition of some extra ingredients that will surprise listeners. All of the emotion on the record is felt through the diverse vocal range of frontwoman Rei Reych.

The band comments about the new song: “A rock / metal song with many electronic arrangements. It’s a track directed at your face. Simple and furious. “Misantropia” represents very well the current style of the band. It´s about the animal cruelty, the superficiality and human pride, although really it can be extrapolated to any topic of an unjust nature”

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