Floor Jansen is covering Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has covered the famous hit “Let It Go” from Disney’s popular animated movie Frozen. Watch the video below.

Floor was teasing her fans with some kind of news for a couple of days before dropping the debut cover on her Youtube channel today. Why this track, you might ask. The answer is simple; It was Floor’s daughter Freja who inspired the vocalist to give “Let It Go” a rock/metal makeover. And so her magical version has now been added to the never-ending, forever-expanding list of covers of this popular tune from 2013’s Disney movie hit.

She comments: “Freja has been listening to and singing “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, Frozen, for months. For fun and also because I miss performing for you, I decided to cover “Let It Go” from Frozen for all of you! “Let It Go” has been stuck in my head for months, so now it’s your turn. 😉 We added a bit of a rock & metal sound to it and gave it a bit of our own twist!”

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