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Vibeke Stene returns with new Veil Of Secrets single

As we informed you back in July, Vibeke Stene (ex-Tristania) is back with a new doom metal band Veil Of Secrets. Listen to their debut single “The Last Attempt”.

Joining Vibeke on this long-awaited adventure is Asgeir Mickelson (ex-Borknagar, Sarke, Ihsahn, Testament) and their debut album titled “Dead Poetry” is coming out on November 30.

Vibeke comments: “When Asgeir contacted me for the project God of Atheists, we started to share music and ideas, which lead to a satisfying process of expressions. I’ve taken the chance to believe that my words, my thoughts, and dreams, could have any value combined with my inner tones.” She continues: “The composing process of “Dead Poetry”, was deeply founded on honesty and trust, and therefore I’m very proud to finally share Veil of Secrets.”

Watch the lyric video for the opening track of the album and band’s debut single “The Last Attempt”:

“Dead Poetry” was recorded by Mickelson and mixed by Børge Finstad at Toproom Studio. On the album, Mickelson handled guitars, drums, and bass, Sareeta (Ram-Zet, ex-Ásmegin) played the violins, and Erling Malm (Articulus, Endolith) handled grim vocals. It was produced by Vibeke Stene and Asgeir Mickelson. You can see the cover artwork and tracklisting below.


1. The Last Attempt
2. Sear The Fallen
3. Remorseful Heart
4. The Lie Of Her Prosperity
5. Fey
6. Bryd
7. Meson
8. Entirety

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