Song of the Week

Song of the week (46/2020)

Third Sunday of November is slowly coming to an end but not without “Song of the week” voting! As usual, you can choose from five brilliant tracks released in the past seven days. The winner of the latest voting can be found below, too. Happy voting and see you in seven days!

The winner of Song of the week #45 voting is: German symphonic metal band Snow White Blood with “Drop A Stich” off of their marvellous debut full-length album “Hope Springs Eternal“. Congratulations!

This week, you can vote for:

  • Eleine – Memoriam
  • Album: Dancing In Hell (due out November 27)

  • MOYRA – The Eyes Of Rats

  • Seas On The Moon feat. Eissa from Morphide – Break Out

  • Silence The Crow – Dark Water

  • Veil Of Secrets – The Last Attempt
  • Album: Dead Poetry (due out November 30)

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