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Illumishade share new single “The Endless Vow”

Illumishade have shared a brand new single titled “The Endless Vow”. It comes with a music video which is available below.

The project featuring Fabienne Erni, Jonas Wolf, Mirjam Skal, Mark Friedrich and Yannick Urbanczik launched on January 1st, 2020 and released three singles followed by entire concept album “ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows” in May and cover of Disney’s Frozen II “Into The Unknown” in November.

The project comes alongside a whole new fantasy world that allows everyone to connect and escape not only musically, but story-wise as well. Just like the previous year, Illumishade kicked off 2021 with a bang – a brand new single and music video “The Endless Vow”, which digs even deeper into the story of Illumi order. Watch it below.

And that’s not all! “The Endless Vow” comes along with an epic orchestral intro “Overture: Edge Of Dusk”. The intro was composed by Illumishade’s own Mirjam Skal who also conducted the Budapest Art Orchestra who recorded the piece. You can stream both tracks here:

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