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White Death – Beyond Good And Evil (Music Video)

Rio de Janeiro-based heavy metal act White Death present a music video for “Beyond Good And Evil”. Watch it below.

The music video addresses the daily life of a psychiatrist, played by vocalist Priscylla Moreno, dealing with her problems and frustrations that move through a fine line that separates madness from reason. In a society increasingly dependent on meanings, the meaning of the facts and their possible values are becoming less and less visible. The idealization and production of this clip was a partnership between White Death and Ronald Barros Films.

“I forget sensibility and abuse my imagination, like water that overflows and no longer sediments”, with this sentence encoding the chorus, the song “Beyond Good And Evil” is the most reflective silence that the band White Death has ever translated. The song immediately brings to mind the various influences that have shaped the band’s sound: heavy guitars, reflective lyrics and striking vocals. The translation of this new moment of the band is in this single that was produced, recorded and mastered at Loud Factory Studios in São Paulo, under the direction of Wagner Meirinha and Thiago Assolini.

The art conception of White Death’s new single is based on the texts of the philosopher Nietzsche. The artist Fábio Vargas, who was in charge of this endeavour, sought to build bridges between the various references that make up the band’s universe and Nietzsche’s nihilism. This drawing is the synthesis that infers the whole guiding concept of this work. 


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