“I finally had enough courage to declare to the world about myself as a solo musician.” – Interview with Anna KiaRa

Anna Moiseeva, best known as one of the three vocalists of Russian symphonic metal act Imperial Age, made a huge step forward in her career when she released her debut solo album “Storyteller” last summer under the name KiaRa. And the album is only the beginning… The singer, composer, pianist, vocal teacher, actress and model is now preparing for online winter show scheduled for January 23, where she’ll also present a new single titled “Last Goodbye”. We talked to Anna about “Storyteller” and the show to prepare you for the live stream this Saturday. Don’t miss it! 

MG: Anna, 2020 marked the release of your debut solo album „Storyteller“. How does it feel to have it out after dreaming of the moment for so long?

Anna: It’s amazing! After many years of dreaming, I finally had enough courage to declare to the world about myself as a solo musician! I’m really proud that my album is ordered all over the globe – from Australia and New Zealand to the USA, Canada and Mexico! But now I have to work twice harder to promote my music, to make offline and online shows, to interact with fans and many other things.

MG: You’ve released some material with Imperial Age and experienced the recording process previously. Was the process less complicated or more challenging for you now, as a solo artist?

Anna: It was more difficult, because I also was leading the recording process of guitar and bass guitar, I was listening to the whole mix and thinking about all musical nuances. And, of course, when I was recording my vocals, no one told me if it was good for this song or I should try to change the manner, for example. I was listening to the result and making all decisions myself, only with my bandmates’ opinion sometimes. 

MG: Both, your solo music and that of Imperial Age, can be classified as symphonic metal but there is a significant difference between their sound and essence. What sets these two artistic sides of you apart? 

Anna: In Imperial Age I have the style of the whole band and I follow this style. In my band I have my own style, and for me it’s more mobile, because sometimes I can change some moments, if I see that this will be better for this song or that for the other one, etc.

MG: Four of the “Storyteller” tracks have also bonus versions in the Russian language. What versions came first? What’s more challenging – to write new lyrics from scratch or re-write them in a different language? English and Russian have completely different phonology and syntax…

Anna: Of course, Russian language came first to me, because it’s my mother tongue, and then I translated all four songs with the help of my friends in case I’d made some mistakes. But some songs I wrote in English, and, of course, it wasn’t easy for me, but the result was worth it!

MG: You’ve announced a winter live stream for January 23. What can we expect from the stream? What setlist have you prepared? There will be surely songs from “Storyteller” and if I remember correctly, also a new single?

Anna: Yes, we’re planning Online Winter Show, and it will be full Storyteller set (8 songs + 1 instrumental song) and one new single “Last Goodbye”! Also we’ll answer some questions. Don’t miss it – January, 23, 7 pm CET, YouTube channel Anna KiaRa!

MG: Who will be performing with you? Can you introduce your band? Any guests, perhaps?

Anna: Sure! Paul Vredes – guitar, Max Talion – drums, Alexander “Aristarh” Zakharov – bass. Alexander was also a sound engineer of “Storyteller”, he helped me with the recording. And we’ll have one guest – Semyon Balan, flute – for the song “First Love”. You can hear his flute on the album, as well. And the concert host – Natalie Cherry. She’ll help to answer your questions.

MG: With Imperial Age, you were interacting with fans in between songs and answering their questions. So you’re gonna do the same now… 

Anna: Yep!

MG: The stream is free of charge and you’re relying solely on donations. What are your hopes and expectations? After all, it’s not a cheap business. You need to pay the crew, band, location…

Anna: Of course, I need to pay people for their work, but my expectation is – the more people see this show, the more will learn about KiaRa, and the more will donate anything. As I only start my solo band way, I need more people to support me, and there is much more chances to get new fans on the free of charge online show. Also I can say that if it will be  a sufficient amount, I’ll make one more music video!

MG: Now, this is your chance to invite and hype up your fans for the live stream, Anna. Any words for them?

Anna: Guys, we all miss real shows and it’s been almost a year since we faced the new reality which was very hard for everyone. The whole music industry needs your support more then ever and you see what’s going on inside it. There are not many people who have power to adapt to this situation and continue to create new music or any other art. We are trying not to fall into apathy and that’s why we all need you, guys! All these years music has been the thing that helps tons of people to survive. And now music needs your help. So please support your favourite bands and musicians the way you can – and it’s not only money – you can write a good message, you can share music videos and share songs with your friends, you can send a little gift that was made with love. Don’t think that  it’s too little – it means a lot for us!  

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