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Crystal Viper – Asenath Waite (Lyric Video)

Polish heavy metal force Crystal Viper presents a new single titled “Asenath Waite” taken from their upcoming studio album “The Cult”. It comes with a lyric video which you can watch below.

The album, inspired by the great works of American horror/sci-fi writer H. P. Lovecraft,  will be available on January 29 in Europe, and on February 12 in North America, via Listenable Records. The CD and digital download versions contain a cover of the 1988 King Diamond classic “Welcome Home‘”. The track even features the King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque. The vinyl LP features a cover of Satan’s “Trial by Fire”.

The single is dedicated to Lovecraft’s horror short story “The Thing On The Doorstep” written in 1933 and its main character Asenath Waite, one of only few prominent female characters within Lovecraft’s universe.

Band leader, vocalist and guitarist Marta Gabriel comments: “The Thing On The Doorstep” is a fantastic story in general. After I finished reading this one, a song started to appear in my head. I started singing quietly „I can’t see her, but she’s there…“ and that was it, I had another song. It wasn’t like that I wanted to write about her because she was a woman, because the thing that got me into her was the character she was in general. That unexpected ending, and that twist when we can see who she really was are brilliant! Lovecraft was a genius when it comes to creating personalities for his characters.” 

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