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Mariangela Demurtas and Leonardo the Space Pianist pay tribute to Anathema

Mariangela Demurtas, lead singer of gothic metal band Tristania, together with pianist and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro release their interpretation of the song “Untouchable part 2”, as tribute to Anathema. Listen to their touching take on the song below.

After 30 years of activity, the famous British rock band announced an indefinite hiatus last September, as result of the difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The song is a part of Anathema’s album “Weather Systems”, and this version merges the powerful voice of Mariangela, with the elegant piano and synth of Leonardo.

Mariangela Demurtas is also the singer of alternative gothic rock band Ardours and collaborated with top level metal bands like Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell and Danny Cavanagh of Anathema. In 2015, Mariangela and Leonardo met on stage of Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Netherlands, playing with guitar legend Yossi Sassi (founder of Orphaned Land) while touring Europe.

For Leonardo Barilaro this is the first release of 2021, following the previous seven releases of last year, where he continues to develop his music research merging different live techniques, shifting from a progressive metal influence to a more elaborated electronic sound. “Untouchable part” cover’s artwork is created by Özlem Basman and the track was mixed and mastered by Paolo Bernardini of Medialica studio, in Italy.

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