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Orpharion release new single “The Broken Seal”

Istanbul-based symphonic metal band Orpharion unveils new single “The Broken Seal” off of their upcoming debut album. Listen to it below.

After the release of their first single “Revival” in 2016, the Turkish symphonic metal band Orpharion is back once again with their new single “The Broken Seal” from their debut album “A Faraway World” which brings symphonic metal and progressive elements together. The album was planned to be released in 2020 but the band delayed its release due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A Faraway World” will be a concept album with lyrics written by the band’s singer Ariane Imtholiel. “A Faraway World” is produced, mixed and mastered and released by Kublai Kapsalis (Rec-Cat Records). The world of Orpharion is home to many epic adventures and secrets. The songs bring together the stories from different characters and events around the world. The new single “The Broken Seal” foreshadows the future dangers threatening Orpharion. More details and the tracklist of the album will be revealed soon.

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