Song of the Week

Song of the week (8/2021)

Time to vote again! As usual, we are about to finish the week (and also the month) with our weekly ‘Song of the week’ poll. Who dropped the best song between February 22 and 28? Decide below.

The winner of Song of the week #7 voting is: Finnish progressive metal band Fireproven with their latest single “The Maze”. Congratulations!

This week, you can vote for:

  • Epica – The Skeleton Key
  • Album: Omega (2021)

  • Frozen Crown – Far Beyond
  • Album: Winterbane (due out April 23)

  • Lovebites – Glory To The World
  • EP: Glory To The World (due out March 10)

  • Juliet Ruin – Fake Stigmata
  • EP: Dark Water (due out March 26)

  • Vexed – Hideous
  • Album: Culling Culture (due out May 21)

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