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Slashy Sue unveils new single “Kill O’Clock”

Swedish industrial horror metal duo Slashy Sue drops a new single. Listen to “Kill O’Clock” below.

From the Swedish founders of the critically acclaimed Zephyra comes the project Slashy Sue: Brutal horror metal based on the fictional serial killer ‘Slashy Sue’. Slashy Sue is built as an industrial horror metal project on the story of Susan Henderson, by the media called ”Slashy Sue”, a serial killer and cannibal who killed and ate 37 men back in the 90’s. Maybe more that are still unknown.

”Sue” has been institutionalized for over 20 years, after being diagnosed with a split personality disorder with severe narcissistic tendencies, and sentenced to spend the rest of her life locked up at the psychiatric institution. In 2005, she agreed on being interviewed by psychology professor Ernest Bardreau. The songs are her confessions.

Now, Sue strikes back again through the new single “Kill O’Clock”:


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