Seas On The Moon drop a new single with Eissa from Morphide

Moldovan progressive rock/metal project Seas On The Moon, founded by Infected Rain drummer Eugene Voluta and Valentin Voluta, joins forces with Eissa from Morphide once again. Listen to their new piece “Desolated” below.

Following many successful collaborations with Lena Scissorhands, Andrea Verdi or Octavian Casian, Seas On The Moon teamed up with Elizabeth Eissa Zhovnerchuk for the first time back in November 2020 for the track “Break Out“, featured on their 2021’s album “Collision Illusion”.  Fast forward to March 2021, you can hear the vocalist of currently Denmark-based alternative progressive metal band Morphide working with Seas On The Moon again. Listen to  “Desolated” now: 


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