Dream Ocean announce new album

Turkish/German symphonic metal band Dream Ocean shares details of their upcoming second studio album “The Missing Stone”. Read more below.

After releasing the first single “Pendulum Of Time” off of the album, the band now shares the release date and full track listing of “The Missing Stone”,  a psychological journey in a way that tells every single one of ours sufferings.

Dream Ocean’s composition is more unique, pure, and touching than ever before. “The Missing Stone”’s lyrics are truly focused on the story and were born from the most painful and personal experiences and memories of Dream Ocean’s singer Başak Ylva. 

As the songs’ lyrics are building a bridge for this time travel from the past to the present, the music of “The Missing Stone” combines the power of heavy metal with the epic sound of a full symphonic orchestra to a cinematic sound. It gets its bombastic finishing touch with modern electronic elements, which have not been heard in metal music yet. Once the album is unleashed it will follow you everywhere, in your mind with its enigmatic and catchy melodies.


1. Nightmare (Intro)
2. Dark Miracles
3. Pendulum of Time
4. The Great Silence
5. Lucid Air
6. As I Die
7. Eterna Espera
8. Daydreamer
9. Song to the Ocean
10. The Missing Stone
11. Uyan (Bonus Track – a Turkish version of Daydreamer)

The album release is scheduled for September 24th, and the band will be soon launching a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign with many limited perks and special editions of merchandise. Click here to sign up for Dream Ocean’s newsletter to to catch Earlybird advantages and all the updates.

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