Song of the Week

Song of the week (9/2021)

Seven days went by in a blink of an eye and we’re here to present you yet another “Song of the week” poll on Metal Goddesses! Find this week’s five nominees below and vote for your favourite piece. And don’t forget to listen to the latest winner!

The winner of  Song of the week #8 voting is: Dutch symphonic metal band Epica with their latest single “The Skeleton Key”, taken from their brand new album “Omega”. Congratulations!

This week, you can vote for:

  • Anarcheon – Bloody Merry
  • EP: Scary Tale (due out 2021)

  • As Everything Unfolds – On The Inside
  • Album: Within Each Lies The Other (due out March 26)

  • Evanescence – Better Without You
  • Album: The Bitter Truth (due out March 26)

  • Imperia – While I Am Still Here
  • Album: The Last Horizon (due out March 26)

  • Seas On The Moon feat. Eissa Morphide – Desolated

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