Lacuna Coil present their official card game

Italian gothfathers Lacuna Coil just introduced their official card game called “Horns Up!”. See the details below.

Horns Up! is the very first party game set in a metal concert, inspired by the amazing atmospheres, the most exciting and overwhelming concerts of all, like the Lacuna Coil live events. Game takes place at a Lacuna Coil show an your goal is to be the first to reach the stage. Presales start on March 26th. Early birds get a discount, plus exclusive limited edition gadgets. Shipping worldwide this fall!

Over 5000 metalheads have managed to play-test the game. On the ground, before the beginning of many concerts. Whether you are a Coiler or a Gamer, whether you have headbanger friends or children with their horns up, this game is perfect for you. Super-fast set-up, easy to learn, and with every rule in form of an icon, avoiding the need to read. While the game marches on, the arena fills up, giving you a fantastic view. Putting your device on stage, you will be able to fully live the inebriating atmosphere of the concerts offered by Lacuna Coil.


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