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Dark Horse White Horse – Dark Horse White Horse (Full EP)

Dutch symphonic technical metal project Dark Horse White Horse formed by vocalist Marcela Bovio unveils their debut self-titled EP today! For this new project, Marcela joined forces with the Dutch metal elite; guitarist Jord Otto (ex-Revamp, ex-VUUR, My Propane) on guitars and keyboardist Ruben Wijga (ex-Revamp, Blackbriar). Joining them as special guests are Siebe Sol Sijpkens on bass (Phantom Elite, Destiny Potato, Sordid Pink) and Ariën van Weesenbeek (Epica, MaYaN, ex-God Dethroned) on drums. The EP features five songs including previously released singles “Judgement Day” and “Black Hole”. You can stream it below.

Purchase your copy of EP here

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