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Eleine – Die From Within (Music Video)

Swedish symphonic metal act Eleine unveils a music video for a powerful emotional piece “Die From Within”, taken from their latest studio album “Dancing In Hell”.

“Die From Within” it the fifth single/video from Eleine’s third studio album “Dancing In Hell”, that came out last year on November 27th. With “Dancing In Hell”, Eleine share stories of inner demons, strength and loss.

The song “was born out of loss and depression.” Says the band: “We all know what it’s like when you take one step forward, and take two steps back when dealing with depression and grief.”  “Die From Within” is a song for “lost loved ones, and for all out there dealing with ANY form of depression. We see you, we’re with you and we love you.” 

You can order the limited edition single vinyl at this link

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