Fallen Stars announce new album

Vancouver-based pop metal band Fallen Stars to release new album”Execution” on June 18th.

Fallen Stars are a thrilling explosion of sound hailing from the wetlands of Vancouver. This fantastic five-piece brilliantly fuses hard rock and pop metal, generating a completely refreshing sound. Their music is simultaneously warm and whimsical yet righteous and rare. Frontwoman Rose has a soul-shaking voice that rattles listeners to the core. Her vocal range is impossibly well suited to the wall of sound surrounding her by this group of fiercely talented artists. Fallen Stars are proud members of the LGBTQ+ and queer community. The band’s natural inclusivity is palpable in their endlessly passionate music. 

The band has garnered some serious and well-deserved accolades over the years. Their upcoming full-length record “Execution” illuminates the band’s endless versatility and talent. Stay tuned for everything this ferociously gifted group has to offer. The album will be unleashed on June 18. 

Watch the album teaser:

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