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Lena Scissorhands joins forces with Awake Again on “Busy Doing Nothing”

Finnish alternative metal band Awake Again joins forces with Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain for a new song “Busy Doing Nothing”.

The alternative metal band Awake Again from Turku, Finland, are releasing their long-awaited debut album this autumn. The band has dropped several killer tracks so far, and ‘Enmity’, ‘Look Around’ and ‘Into Two’ will now be followed by the fruit of a great collaboration: ‘Busy Doing Nothing’, with several renowned names behind it.

“We’d been thinking for a while already how it’d be cool to have a guest singer on one of our songs, and the structure and rhythm in ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ were perfect for two singers. The first name that came to our minds was Lena from Infected Rain. Lucky for us, she said yes”, Awake Again states.

“Working with Awake Again was very easy and fun. The song’s meaning speaks volumes to me and I have written about a similar topic for Infected Rain before”, Lena says, referring to the theme of ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ – apathy and pain resulting from the lack of self-control. “For me it’s very important to feel the song before I agree to be a part of it, which in this case was not an issue at all. I’m really happy I could add a little bit of me to this great song and I’m super happy with the result!”

The party metal song was produced by the legendary Jonas Olsson (e.g. Amorphis, Blind Channel) and it was mixed and mastered by the Grammy-awarded Jacob Hansen (e.g. Amaranthe, Volbeat.)

“Jonas was really excited about the surprising soundscape and the chorus, and based on his suggestions we managed to make the song even catchier. Also Jacob never fails us. ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ hits in hard, but at the same time the different layers of the song are clear and focused”, the band praises. “Versatile singing, big riffs and a killer chorus – ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ has everything you want in the field of modern metal!”

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