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Chaos Rising – Normalize (Music Video)

International all-female collective Chaos Rising unveils their fourteenth single and video “Normalize”. Listen and watch below.

Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx), Chaos Rising is a unique project that brings together female metal musicians from across the globe. The collaboration is going from strength to strength, attracting some of the biggest names in metal.

New song “Normalize” is a high-energy industrial metal track written by Catherine Fearns (guitar, synthesizer) and Stéphanie Nolf (vocals, bass). “Normalize” is a celebration of the achievements of women, and a reminder that while these achievements have been overlooked or suppressed by the history books, women are now being written back into history, and the true story is being told.

Not afraid to fight 100 times harder
Because we’ve always been 100 times stronger
Don’t believe what you’ve been taught
Believe the rebel girls who fought

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