Illumishade unveil new single “Destined Path”

Swiss metallers Illumishade unveil a brand new single “Destined Path” along with opening track “Overture: The Ethereal Glade”. Listen to both pieces below.

Illumishade featuring Fabienne Erni, Jonas Wolf, Mirjam Skal, Mark Friedrich and Yannick Urbanczik comes alongside a whole new fantasy world that allows everyone to connect and escape not only musically, but story-wise as well. The project launched in 2020 and released its debut album ‘ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows’ in the same year.

The ballad “Destined Path” not only comes alongside an official music video which will be released next Thursday, but is also accompanied by a special opening track called “Overture: The Ethereal Glade”. The orchestral parts for this single release were also recorded with the full force of the amazing ‘Budapest Art Orchestra‘ and overseen by Illumishade’s very own Mirjam Skal.

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