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Secret Rule – Born This Way (Music Video)

Italian act Secret Rule unveiled a music video for their latest single “Born This Way”. Watch it below.

The song is taken from Secret Rule’s new album “Mea Culpa”. This album compared to the previous one is more intimate and emotional. It contains 9 tracks and all the tracks will keep being released month by month on all digital platforms. The last song of the album will be released digitally in December.

Vocalist Angela’s statement: “Born This Way is about a topic evermore discussed in the last few years. We think it’s a topic with different faces. The keywords are “equality”, “human respect”, “feeling accepted”, and “freedom”. It’s not a problem of the LGBT community only, but it regards also people with different skin color, or with a body or face that isn’t considered “standard” or “normal”.

Andy adds: “We’re just “human beings”. We have in common the fact that we have a heart, a mind and we breathe. This is enough to consider all people equal. Everyone has the right to express her/himself, to love someone else without fear.”

Sebastiano says: “Without fearing being judged or worse, being subject to hate words or violent acts. We wrote this song thinking of all those people who don’t feel accepted for their appearance or their sexual orientation, or skin color, etc. But the mood of this song is happy, it’s a hymn to Love, to Equality.”

Secret Rule are going to play their first acoustic live streaming on June 19th. The show will be available for 1 week. Tickets are available here:

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