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Elli Berlin – Zu wahr um schoen zu sein (Music Video)

Elli Berlin, vocalist of German metal band Null Positiv, unveils a music video for a solo single “Zu wahr um schoen zu sein”. Watch it below.

Null Positiv was founded in Lübbenau in 2015 with influences such as  Korn, Slipknot, In This Moment and Rammstein. The band debuted with an EP “Krieger” in 2016, followed by three full-length studio albums. Null Positiv’s latest album “Independenz” came out last year, with lyrics centred around the theme of freedom and independence.

Elli Berlin now unveils a debut solo EP titled “Lieb mich”, which translates as “Love Me” into English. Emerged from the depths of the German metal underground, Elli Berlin puts an uncompromising solo debut on the table and once again underlines her qualities as an energetic singer and straightforward lyricist with songs that carry you away into a mysterious world. A world full of adrenaline and backstage parties. Always on the lookout for the lost heroes of rock music, the intoxication on the stage and the din in the stadiums. Watch the video for “Zu wahr um schoen zu sein”: 

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