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The World Over unveil roaring single “To Be Human”

LA act The World Over calls for unity and equality on roaring single “To Be Human”. Watch the lyric video below.

Friday, The World Over released their revolutionary musical call-to-action “To Be Human.” The track showcases the moments of reflection and reevaluation that are taking place for millions of Americans as they witness inequality, intolerance, and prejudice in their own backyards and on their screens. These injustices come in all forms – for vocalist Tiaday Rocke, she shined a light on the deeply personal meaning of the lyrics and her previous experiences of oppression in June for Pride Month. The song conveys that we are all the same inside, we all bleed the same, and it doesn’t matter how you look or are perceived:

“I had originally written these lyrics when the first riots in Furgeson started back in 2014. It seemed like a tipping point in America and even other parts of the world that we turned a blind eye to. You can’t help but feel like everything’s happy-go-lucky when you don’t experience it firsthand. It’s really heart wrenching knowing how far from our essence as human beings we’ve strayed to want to hurt people just for the color of their skin and that it’s still ongoing. If we can make any bit of difference, we want to use our voices to express that,” comments the vocalist Tiaday.

The new single won’t be confined to our headphones either. The World Over is taking the world by storm and announcing their next live shows this Fall with Powerman 5000 and Otep this winter. The explosive tracks will take on new life as the band unleashes their rock ‘n’ roll soundwaves in cities spanning the west coast and midwest.

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