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The Tex Avery Syndrome – Howl (Music Video)

German metallers The Tex Avery Syndrome are back with a new single and video. Enjoy “Howl” below.

The Tex Avery Syndrome are at the cutting edge of Germany’s most wacko metal bands! The Frankfurt five-piece around power-front Laura Gierl have borrowed their bandname from the legendary American cartoonist Tex Avery, who had once shaped world-famous characters like Bugs Bunny, Duffy Duck or Porky Pig. Fits quite well, for this band is just as dashing as his

In terms of music, TTAS are hurtling down the highway between modern metal and hardcore in an open convertible on the fast lane, picking up some classic rock influences here and there as they go, loving and living the force and the groove, a vital, pristine sound may unleash, allowing the energy to speed them up – carrying anyone along: A TTAS show will bang harder than a hole cartoon-load of dynamite, is more lunatic than the Looney Tunes, at least as hyperactive and breathless as a pursuit on Roadrunner and full of surprises!

Quite a few people’s eyes may have popped out, discovering that the rough, deep growls and the aggressive, virulent shouts run from the throat of Laura Gierl. Around the live wire on the microphone, Nico Meister (guitar & backing vocals), Christoph Kipper (guitar), Thomas Mück (bass) und Alex Stehle (drums) are sparking off a blazing inferno of electrifying guitar riffs, punchy baselines & raving beats. There’s wild moshing & raging, partying & churning the brain to the heart’s content.

Following their successful debut EP “Wolfcity” (2015). TTAS presented their highly anticipated first full length album “Origin” in October 2019 via Noizgate Records. Today, the band unleashed a new single “Howl” which comes with a music video:

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