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Dying Wish unveil debut album details, release new single

Portland’s metalcore/hardcore upstarts Dying Wish share details of their debut album “Fragments Of A Bitter Memory” and release the title track.

Formed in 2018, the quintet led by vocalist Emma Boster made massive waves in a short time. In their year of formation, the band released both a short demo and a well-received split EP with Canadian band Serration. The releases gave way to a stretch of high profile shows and tours that saw the band share the stage with Terror, Comeback Kid, Jesus Piece, and Knocked Loose.

Dying Wish will drop their debut LP  “Fragments of a Bitter Memory” on October 1st, 2021 via Sharptone Records. You can see the cover artwork and tracklist below: 


1. Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed
2. Hollowed By Affliction (ft. Tyler Norris)
3. Innate Thirst
4. Severing The Senses
5. Fragments of a Bitter Memory
6. Cold Hearts in Bloom
7. Until Mourning Comes
8. Now You’ll Rot
9. Blood Laced Misery
10. Enemies In Red (ft. Bryan Garris)
11. Drowning In The Silent Black

To celebrate the album announcement, the band has shared its title track with a music video. Vocalist Emma Boster on the new single: “Fragments starts by taking the listener back to my first memory. I was five years old and I was the flower girl at my mother’s wedding. My biological father wasn’t in my life and the man she was marrying took a vow to fill that void. Over the next decade I watched that same man who I had learned to call my father become a violent alcoholic. By the time I was a young teen I was being verbally and physically abused by him almost daily. I was living in constant fear.

‘Seasons of life forever change healing the fragments you still control’ refers to my constant struggle of healing from this trauma in my adulthood. The video ends with her stabbing him over the lyrics ‘I would bury you if I could’ because even after therapy and a decade of healing, violent revenge seems like the easiest and most satisfying way to cope.”

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