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Scarlet Aura presents a new single from the upcoming album and reveals the tracklist

Heavy metallers Scarlet Aura unveil yet another piece off of their upcoming album “Genesis Of Time”. Listen to “Utopia” below.

“Let’s play a game: Reality is what we perceive as living now and the projection of our own thoughts, desires and hopes. 

It can also easily be the projection of our fears, despair or loneliness. 

We are what we think of us, we are everything in nothing and nothing in everything. Now imagine that you are the only one that knows it and controls it and that you can create other’s reality. 

Would you dare to create Utopia?”

– ask heavy metallers Scarlet Aura presenting their next single “Utopia” from the upcoming album “Genesis of Time”.

This fast-paced song takes the listeners on a journey with a hard charging track juxtaposed with monster riffs and undeniable beautiful voice and vocal lines on today’s heavy metal!

It’s also time to reveal the tracklist of “Genesis of Time” that is packed with over 70 mins of crushing heavy metal songs, from the instrumental “The Book of Scarlet” to the epic “Genesis of Time”:

1 The Book of Scarlet
2 Raw Power
3 Dark Lightning
4 Utopia
5 Frostbite
6 The Black Roses
7 Right Place, Wrong Time
8 Humans Obsolete
9 In the Line of Fire
10 Saints Need Sinners
11 Wings of Light
12 Genesis Of Time

“Genesis of Time” will be out on September 10th 2021 digitally, and as special limited-edition CD-digipak and double black orange splatter heavy weight 180g vinyl via Universal Music Romania and Silver City Records.

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