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Dead Venus – Lily Of The Valley (Music Video)

Seraina Telli’s progressive rock band Dead Venus unveils new single “Lily Of The Valley”. The video is available below.

Seraina Telli formed Dead Venus in early 2015. For a year or so before this, she combined lead vocals for German neo-prog band Surrilium with a solo career but decided she needed her own team to develop her ideas. However, Seraina’s unique brand and style made finding the right people a challenge. Mike Malloth (drums) answered the call and recommended bassist Andre Gaertner to complete the trio.

The band released their debut effort “Bird Of Paradise” in 2019 and is now ready to unleash its follow-up. With “Lily of the Valley” the Swiss prog rockers Dead Venus hit the nail on the head when we consider our current world situation. It doesn’t take much, indeed only a little, to throw the human universe apart. „We’re steady like the lily of the valley pretty dangerous and easily destroyed. Am I insane? or is this really what we became?“

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