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Trapézia – Games (Music Video)

Trapézia: revelation of melodic metal premieres retrofuturistic music video for the single “Games”.

Bringing together magic and retrofuturistic concepts, Trapézia project released the conceptual debut EP titled “Ecila” and now shares the first music video, and the chosen track was “Games”, which describes the first chapter of the EP’s history. The single features a special guest appearance by renowned musician Fernando Quesada (Director General in the music school group School of Rock Brasil), who has played in the bands Shaman, Noturnall, and currently plays in Armored Dawn.

“Fernando Quesada was my Music Business teacher at the music school, where he shared his experiences and his vast knowledge about Music Business. I was very lucky to have someone close to me that I admire a lot! He was one of the people who encouraged me the most to continue with my project! The approach to playing the bass in the song “Games” came during a conversation on Whatsapp, where Quesada was passionate about my project and I was very happy to start my musical career, accompanied by such an experienced and respected person in the metal scene”, comments Thais Lyrica.

It all starts when the character Ecila finds herself in a maze. Not knowing how it got there and what was going on. The character then finds herself stuck in something that feels more like a game inside her mind, looking for a way out, listening to whispers around her. She just wants a chance to be heard. “When I wrote the lyrics for ‘Games’ I thought about how we are stuck in our own thoughts and how disturbing this can be. It is as if voices say ‘you are not capable’, ‘you are not worthy of your achievements’. ‘Games’ is about this game of the mind, which we are stuck in all the time!” explains Thais about the first track of the EP.

In her first musical work, artist Thaís Lyrica uses all her knowledge of fashion training, to insert a retrofuturistic visual concept into her music. With the release of “Ecila”, the artist presents us with a fantastic world inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a work by Lewis Carroll, where every detail, from the letters to the costumes, were conceived and made by Thais. With an authentic and steampunk look, Trapezia takes you on a fantastic journey into the world of Ecila.

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