Scarlet Aura release new single “Frostbite”

Heavy metal group Scarlet Aura presents the next single “Frostbite” from the upcoming “Genesis Of Time” album. Listen now!

Frostbite, meaning the death touch, is one of the most powerful and crushingly singles from the upcoming album “Genesis Of Time” ought to be released on 10th of September. This song hits you from within, like an earthquake, getting deeper into your conscience because of the strong heavy power metal but also because of it’s nightmarish subject – the death touch, that moment we all think of, the ultimate goodbye to the world as we know it and the entering into a new one, an unknown universe, a Genesis.

Frostbite is a sweet reminder that no matter how rich or how poor one is, death is unforgivable and with this said at least we should fight for what we believe in, while moving towards to the inevitable, almost like an anthem of the last living soldiers on the edge of a hellish battle. Live, fight for what you believe in and, when time comes, smile in front of the frostbite knowing you honored your calling.

“Genesis of Time” will be out on September 10th 2021 digitally, and as special limited-edition CD-digipak and double black orange splatter heavy weight 180g vinyl via Universal Music Romania and Silver City Records.

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