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Dream Ocean – As I Die (Music Video)

Symphonic metal band Dream Ocean releases a music video for “As I Die”, the fifth single off of their just released second studio album “The Missing Stone”. Watch it below.

Founded in Istanbul in 2010 and inspired by scene giants like Nightwish, Dream Ocean have always been ones to set the bar high for themselves, and it shows. The composition on their new, second studio album is more unique, pure, and touching than ever before. “The Missing Stone”’s lyrics are truly focused on the story and were born from the most painful and personal experiences and memories of Dream Ocean’s singer Başak Ylva. 

As the songs’ lyrics are building a bridge for this time travel from the past to the present, the music of “The Missing Stone” combines the power of heavy metal with the epic sound of a full symphonic orchestra to a cinematic sound. 

The latest single “As I Die” may be musically a straightforward, party-like song, but it talks about quite a dark topic; violations against women. Vocalist Başak comments: “While I composed “As I Die”, I just wanted to have a party song which people can just dance to or headbang or sing with me, and I didn’t want to write a complex text. But in the end, it turned out to be a very dark song, at least with its message.”  Watch the music video: 


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